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Make Your Own Marshmallows


Make your own marshmallows! They’re much easier than they sound and are incredibly rewarding.


 Well this is a little different for me because this post is NOT MY RECIPE. Sweet making is not something you can just go into without some knowledge, so I headed to good old Google and a few recipes came up including one by James Martin. Looking at the list of ingredients I had absolutely everything I needed already in my cupboard so that’s the recipe I chose (yes that was honestly my reasoning)

I’m not going to lie I looked at it and it looked a teensy bit complicated and rather involved. I was certain there was no way it was going to take me the time it claimed and was sure it would take me ages to do.

I absolutely and positively would have backed out and written it off as a “too much bother” thing but I’d stupidly committed myself to doing so on my Twitter and Facebook pages. In hindsight I’m pleased I did because they’re really quite speedy to make and I can not tell you how satisfyingly soft and silky that big, giant slab of marshmallow is. In fact Jonathan and I didn’t want to cut it up, we just wanted to keep it and stroke it (you’ll see what I mean when you all make it, although I appreciate until then you’ll all just think we’re very strange indeed)

Seriously though, just look at it …

Equipment wise you will need a sugar thermometer (I have this one Kitchen Craft Home Made Deluxe Stainless Steel Cooking Thermometer)

You’ll also need an electric whisk or a stand mixer.

The instructions told me I’d need a metal jug to pour the sugar syrup into the egg whites but my pretty purple plastic measuring jug from the pound shop did the job admirably (although I was convinced it was going to melt!)

Now I believe it’s not ethical for me to put the ingredients and method etc on my blog in case it takes traffic away from the original site (because lets face it I’m far more popular than poor old James Martin, hahaha), so you’ll have to look here for those …

I did make one change though and I used this wonderful flavoured icing sugar for my coating


I picked mine up from The Range, but you can buy it online and they also stock some flavours in some branches of Hobbycraft.

I have also just placed my first order of Foodie Flavours and plan on using these to make some Lychee flavoured marshmallows soon !!!

Please do let me know how you get on if you give them a go xxx

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